Joe Bryan supports the Wake County community

BRY-1404-Animals-rev2-2To Joe Bryan, pets are like family, and as valued members of our community, we have a responsibility to look out for their well-being. That’s why Joe added language to the Wake County Board of Commissioners’ goals to support a lifesaving mission for animals.

When learning about the unacceptably high rate of euthanasia at county facilities, he worked on a special bi-partisan plan to increase adoption, expand the spay-and-neuter program, and increase shelter staff, resulting in hundreds of cats and dogs being given a second chance at life.

“Joe will continue to help us build a strong community that is respectful of the valuable role animals play in the livability of our community.”
– Kim Parker, animal advocate


Real Solutions & Bi-Partisan Leadership for Wake County Schools

Throughout his life, Joe Bryan has been determined to expand educational opportunities and make our schools among the best in the nation.

Early Lessons in Education

While her own education ended after the 8th grade, Joe Bryan’s mother instilled the importance of receiving a good education and attending college. Joe went to UNC-Chapel Hill on a Navy ROTC scholarship, served our country, and was inspired to help others strive for higher achievement.

Lifelong Dedication to Improving Schools

As a former Knightdale mayor, past president of North Carolina’s 100 Counties, and founding member of the East Wake Education Foundation and Education First, Joe has been a lifelong leader in forging public-private partnerships that provide students with greater educational opportunities and schools with well-trained educators.

Proven Bi-Partisan Leadership, Common Sense Solutions

Working with School Board Chairman Keith Sutton, Joe Bryan helped lead the successful bond initiative to ensure our schools have the resources they need. He is recognized for finding common ground and uniting all seven Wake County Commissioners behind his plan to partner with the Board of Education to raise student achievement



Early voting is under way!

Thank you for allowing me to serve you. It is entirely about public service and improving your quality of life. During early voting or on November 4th please vote for Joe Bryan for Wake County Commissioner.

“The large part clearly is in education between building schools and also the operating budget. But then in human services, which is the second largest area of our budget. There’s 120,000 that are living in poverty in Wake County. So, we’re the safety net for those people,” Bryan said.

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Joe receives endorsement from North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare


Joe is very pleased to receive the endorsement of the North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare.  North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare is a state-wide political action committee (PAC) dedicated to improving the care and treatment of all animals by electing legislators that will pass laws to protect animals.North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare (NCVAW) has advocated since 2004 for pro-animal policies. In order to pass strong laws that protect North Carolina’s animals, it is critical to engage in the electoral process as a non-partisan organization. As animal issues are non-partisan, so is NCVAW.

Learn more about NCVAW.

Kim Parker endorses Joe

Kim Parker issued the following statement endorsing Joe Bryan for Wake County Commissioner:

Joe has been a compassionate leader who understands the importance of having a humane community. He has worked tirelessly with animal advocates to develop positive steps that have made Wake County a more welcoming place to live. When we first began discussions in the fall of 2009 about how to save more lives at our county shelter, Joe was the first to sign on and give his support. He set up meetings and listened intently to ensure that he had a full understanding of the issues. He championed a change (working with both Republicans and Democrats) in our ordinance that now allows for TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) for community cats in Wake County. This has been a significant improvement that has saved hundreds of cats in our county. Joe has supported the hiring and retention of shelter staff who are dedicated to saving lives and creating model shelter programs. Additionally, Joe was instrumental in adding language to the Wake County Board of Commissioners’ goals that supports a lifesaving mission for animals. Joe will continue to help us build a strong community that is respectful of the valuable role animals play in the livability of our community.

Ann Akland endorses Joe

Ann Akland issued the following statement endorsing Joe Bryan for Wake County Commissioner:

Speaking personally, Gerry & I are proud to endorse Joe Bryan for Wake County Commissioner. We have known Joe & his wife, Jennifer, and family for many years. As mental health advocates, we have followed the work of the Wake County Commissioners very closely. Joe is very careful and deliberate when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars. He takes his job seriously and asks tough questions. And he is a smart leader with many years of experience tackling tough issues that have positioned Wake County to be recognized as a wonderful place to live, go to school, and do business. And for anyone who has a disabled family member as Gerry and I do, you probably already know that Joe has compassion, a willingness to listen, and a history of supporting essential crisis services for people with disabilities. Please make a special effort to get out on election day to cast your vote for another term for Joe Bryan an outstanding Wake County Commissioner. We can’t afford to lose his leadership and experience.